Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bass Pro Shops Lake Havasu Open and Running the London Bridge

Had the opportunity to spend a little time out at Lake Havasu for the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Festival and Lake Havasu Open.  This was a bass fishing tournament that we sponsored.  It was a great event, with lots of fun things to do and see.  We had some great deals on Okuma and Savage Gear, had the chance to fish a little, and even got out for a fun little run.
The run was probably the best part of my trip.  I haven't been to Havasu since I was pretty young.  having just spent some time in London, I was excited to get back out to the lake and see the London Bridge.  it is a very beautiful spot.  Very scenic, and luckily, I only caught the tail end of some of the residual spring breakers (no pun intended).
I started off at my hotel and ran toward the bridge.  One you pass the casino, there is a nice stairway that leads you up to the bridge.  At the top you get a pretty nice view of the channel.  Here is a shot of where I am just about to start to enter the bridge.

Here is an actual shot of the bridge itself from up above.  Nice clear running space, and this day, there were quite a few runners out.
I ran across the bridge and down a block or so, then I turned around and headed back over the bridge.  Once on the other side, I headed off to my right down the stairs and down toward the water front.
There is a great little pathway that runs along the waterfront.  It wasn't too crowded this day, so made for easy running.
I guess you'd call this southbound.  I ran this direction for about 3/4 of a mile.  I got to a little point, then decided to turn around. 
As you run along the channel you see all kinds of fun things.  This day I caught a few of the left overs from spring break.
Loud music, beer, boats, bikinis, and did I mention beer?  Lots of that going around.  This was mid afternoon, so they were all pretty wasted by this time. Hope they all had fun.
I am now going northbound back toward the bridge.  Once you pass the party boats, you get your first glimpse back at the bridge.
It is a really pretty structure, and feels pretty out of place out in the middle of the desert.
There are a few street vendors selling glow sticks, beer, and souvenirs.  Lots of boat and wave runner rentals are found along this path as well.  As you pass all of that you actually get to the bridge.  Here is a look up at the bridge from down below.
Here is a look back underneath and toward the rental area.
Empty pathways made it pretty nice.
As you continue north past the bridge, you eventually come to the end of the pathway.  From here it turns to sand.  A good little leg workout ensued from here for a bit.
Way at the end of the point in the above picture is where we were holding the Bass Pro event.  From here, I doubled back and made it back to my hotel just in time for a little evening float tube fishing session.
The smallmouth bass fishing is said to be excellent, and i did nail this little guy on my first cast.
Lots of largemouth followed over the next couple days, but only that one smallie.  Kind of strange.
Fishing was fun, and I got out as often as I could before the event and after.  I'd get on the water by 6am and fish until 9, then back on at 5pm after the event finished.   I'd fish until dark and saw some pretty incredible sunsets.
As I mentioned, the event went very good.  I hope this is something they choose to do every year, and let Okuma be a part of.  Here is a quick look at my office for the weekend.

All in all it was a lot of fun.  Some great exposure for Okuma and Savage Gear, fish were caught, and a great run was had. 

Happy Running...and Fishing!!

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Houston Memorial Park Run

While out in Houston for the 2014 Houston Fishing Show, I had a little window of nice weather, and had the opportunity to get out and run the Houston Memorial Park.  Conveniently located pretty close to downtown, right off of the 59 and 610 freeways, it was easy to get to, and really close to my hotel.  I was told that this was a nice 3 mile loop that surrounds the park.  And that it was.
I started right on one of the corners next to this sign.  Apparently the actual trail name is the Seymour Lieberman Exer-Trail.  There were some exercise areas along the way. 

Be sure to follow all of the rules while running!  There were a lot, but all seemed to be observed.

There were quite a few runners out running while I was out.  It seemed to be a pretty popular spot.  The trail  looked to be a well groomed mix of hard dirt and small gravel which made it very easy on the feet.

The trail is a full circle loop of the Memorial Golf Course in Houston.  According to my Garmin watch, it taped out at just about 2.92 miles.  As I mentioned, there were quite a few runners out on the trail, which was good to see.  I stayed on the inside with the park to my right.  On the left would be a circular road that travels around the loop as well.   The trail is tree lined for the most part.

You wind around the corner and you come across the tennis court facility, then the driving range for the golf course.  There were some bare patches of trees, but when I saw the bare patches, I would generally see these signs.

From what I read, there was quite a bit of damage from Hurricane Katrina as well as a couple others, and they lost quite a few trees.  it still seemed quite lush, coming from LA, 2 trees, seems lush.

The park itself is said to be one of the largest urban parks in the country.  It did expand on the others sides of the road with an Arboretum, and several other trails that I saw, but don't know where they lead.
I had a great time on this trail.  Nice and easy run, with lots of runners out there.  It was very clean and well kept.  When I'm in the Houston area, it will definitely be a place that I return for a quick outside run.

The Houston Fishing Show itself, is also going very good. Here is a quick Flipagram Video of the Houston Show so far.

Happy Running!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Starting off 2014

Hello all,

Been a little out of the loop lately and need to get back into my blog.  Been a very busy end of 2013, and very glad that it is over.  At the end of the year we created a new position within Okuma that I stepped into.  I am now the Promotional and Events Manager.  Still lots of travel, but more on the consumer/retail side of things.  No more sales calls to Bentonville Arkansas.  But that means, no more runs at Slaughter Pen. It'll be a great chance to get out and see some new country and explore some new running destinations. 

So far in 2014, I've been out and about.  January started off a little slow on the running side, but has been picking up pretty steadily.  For my birthday, I received a Garmin 210, and absolutely love it.  You can follow me at TheRunningFisherman on Garmin Connect if you'd like.  Unfortunately, I don't have a scheduled competitive run on the books, but I need to soon.  I'd like to go for a full in 2014, as I turned 40 at the end of last year.  That would make it all the better to get on in for this year.  I've bounced around a few different, new pairs of running shoes, but today, went back to my early version Nike Free's.  Still love these shoes. 

I have some fun travel coming up, and hope to be able to write about some of the fun destinations that I will be traveling.  Birmingham, Grand Rapids, Houston, and a few others in the next month.  We'll see how much time I have to get out, but hope to get out and take a few pics. 

Happy Running!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Running the National Mall in Washington

While in DC for my nephew's football game, I had a little opportunity to get out and run the National Mall in Washington DC.  It is really a pretty fantastic place, with lots of history.  Unfortunately the week while we were there was one of the weeks that the government happened to be shut down.  This was pretty disappointing in that we didn't get to go into any museums as planned, or get really close to any of the monuments.  Oh well, I guess we'll have to go back. 
My run started off at the Smithsonian Metro Stop. 

From the Smithsonian Metro Station, you can see the capital building off to your right, and the Washington Monument off to your left.
Here is a shot of the Washington Monument from the Metro Station.
And here is a shot looking right toward the Capital building.
I started my morning run headed right, toward the Capital building.  As you run along, there are many beautiful building.  All of the museums are along this run.
Here is a shot of one of the great museum, can't remember which one.  Great architecture was found all around.
As I passed a few museums, the sun started to pop up over the Capital building. 
As you approach the Capital building, there are some great reflecting pools out front.  Once you pass the guard shacks, you start to make the climb up Capital Hill.  Here is a shot of the capital building from behind, looking up at the fantastic architecture and stairs.
As you can see, everything was very empty due to the shutdown.  Worked out better for us.
Once around the other side of the building, you get a great view looking toward the Washington Monument and into Virginia.
After you make the full circle of the Capital building, you head back down the hill and back on the mall.  Here is a look at the running surface while running through the park. The running surface is either concrete or dirt, depending on where you are.  You even have some grass options as well.
As you run through the mall, you see many runners, bikers, and people just strolling along.  It is really a fit city.  From the bottom of Capital Hill, I continued along until I got to the Washington Monument.
Along the way, you pass a bunch more museums and great buildings. Here is a shot of one of the museums.
Here I am approaching the Washington Monument.
I finally made it to the monument.  Here it is over my shoulder.
Still lots of construction, and the scaffolding actually makes it look pretty cool.   With the construction, there is fencing all around.

From the monument, I made a right and made my way to The White House.  Approaching it, there are usually tons of people out front taking pictures.  Not today.

All by myself out front.  I tried to see if B & M wanted to go out for coffee, but apparently they had some other plans.
Hello Obama's.  Its me.

Once you complete the circle of The White House, I headed back to the Washington Monument and started on toward the Lincoln Memorial. 
I ran along the Reflecting Pool and up to the monument.

All fenced off, but barriers were moved and lots of people out and about.
I got to the memorial and made a quick right heading toward the Vietnam Wall.  Unfortunately this was closed as well.

And another view of the Vietnam Memorial

Oh well.  I headed back to the memorial for a couple quick shots, then back up to the Monument.
Here is a look back toward the Washington Monument from the end of the Reflecting Pool.  Might look familiar from Forrest Gump.
And a selfie looking toward the monument.
I ran back up the Reflecting Pool and to the Monument.  Here is a look back over towards the Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Monument.

And from there, I headed back up the Mall and over to the Metro Station where I started.  It was a nice slow run with lots of great scenery.
Here is a shot of the map at the station.
And a shot of my actual run via the Nike app.
It was a fantastic trip.  My nephews team beat Howard, which was the actual reason of our trip.  We will have to go back now that the government is actually open and experience a whole bunch of stuff we didn't get to see.

Happy Running

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sealy Big Bass Splash

Here is a piece that I wrote about the Sealy Big Bass Splash event at Lake Fork in Texas for our Okuma Fishing Tackle blog.  I had the opportunity to fish in this event, and even won a little money.


Sealy Big Bass Splash

Every angler dreams of the opportunity to go out fishing, catch a big largemouth, and walk away with a paycheck.  We’ve all grown up watching the bass pro’s holding the giant paper check up over their head.  Now there is a tournament series for the every day fisherman.  The Sealy Big Bass Splash series is just that.  It is an amateur fishing tournament series that takes place all over the south and affords the everyday anglers the opportunity to win some money for doing what they love.  The Sealy events attract anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 anglers per event.  The events will be going into their 30th  year this year, and plan to have a giant 30th anniversary event at Lake Sam Rayburn in April 2014. 
Then event itself has a great pay schedule that allows everyone a chance to with great cash and prizes.  Some of the top prizes include trucks, boats, and big paychecks. 

The check-in takes place the day prior and run right through the night.

Once all of the anglers finally get checked in, they get out on the water and catch fish.  There are hourly prizes that in some events, start as far down as 12’th place.  It doesn’t always take a big fish to win some hourly money either.  Dave Brown from Okuma fished the Lake Fork Texas event in September, and netted a 5th place hourly fish taking home a nice little $600 check for a whopping 2.12 pounder.


Some of the hourly winning fish were even smaller than Dave’s little guy, and netted themselves $1,000. 
Once the fishing comes to an end, there is a great finale event with raffle prizes and big checks being given out.  You don’t even have to enter to win.  In fact, at next years 30th anniversary event, the plan is to give out 25-30 Dodge or Toyota trucks as prizes.  Well over $1,000,000 in cash and prizes will leave the event that weekend. 

There are many great sponsors that attend the event, and Okuma is one of them.  For the 2013 series, Okuma stepped up and offered up an additional $10,000 if you happened to catch your fish on one of a few select Okuma items. 
The next event is at Lake Ouachita in Arkansas on Oct 12 and 13th.  Will you be there to hold that big check over your head, or perhaps drive home a new truck and boat? 
Next years schedule is up and fisherman are getting excited.  Stop by the Sealy Big Bass Splash website for all the details.

Happy Fishing!

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Friday, September 27, 2013

FLW Forrest Wood Cup Shreveport Louisiana Run

FLW Forrest Wood Cup Shreveport Louisiana Run

Last month I was in Shreveport Louisiana for the FLW Forrest Wood Cup.  This is the Superbowl of the FLW bass fishing tour.  After a year of fishing various rivers and lakes throughout the country, the whole season culminates at this event.  Its really a good time and well attended.  I was there with Okuma and Savage Gear displaying all of our fun new stuff in our booth.
Here is a shot of our booth at the show.

 After each day of the show, I would squeeze out a little time to get a run in.  It was actually a fantastic, 3.5 mile jaunt that ran over, and around the Red River and into Bossier city. 
I would start at my hotel, Sams Town.  From there I would head up to the main street, then over to Texas Street which is the street with the bridge.
There is a nice wide, guarded walkway that leads you up and over the Red River.  From what I can tell, it was about a 1/2 mile up and over.  Once you hit the top, you have a spectacular view of the surrounding area.
Here is a look at the actual iron structure of the bridge. 
Looking down to the river, you can see for miles.

Once you hit the top and start your way into Bossier City, you can start to see the Louisiana Riverwalk shopping area.

Once I cross the bridge, I would make a quick right and head on over to the Riverwalk area.  In the shot above, you can see a few of the running areas. The shops and restaurants go on for about a half mile on each side of the bridge.
The Riverwalk is a nice little area with lots of restaurants, bars, and entertainment.  And as the name states, it also have a Riverwalk that you can run along.
Here is a shot looking back up at the bridge that we just crossed.

Of course being in Louisiana, all of the casinos have to be on water.  Here is a look over to the Sams Town hotel and Casino.  You can see the riverboat in front.  The riverboats up and down the river are all permanent fixtures and don't do too much river boating.

And one more looking back at the bridge from farther down the Riverwalk.

One of my favorite parts about Bossier is the Bass Pro Shops.  At the midpoint of my run, I come across the Bossier City Bass Pro Shops.  Of course, being in Louisiana, the Bass Pro Shops down here has Gators in front.  Big suckers too!

From the Bass Pro Shops, it pretty much a wind your way back sort of thing.  Back through the Louisiana Riverwalk, and up and over the Bridge.  Its a fun little run for a good 3.5 miles.  It was in the mid 90's that week and HUMID.  Probably typical for that time of year, but a little miserable for a California boy.
As I usually do, I like to follow up a run with a meal that I probably should be eating.  Being Vegan, I always try to at least make the most appropriate selections, but when in Rome!
One of my favorite places to eat when in Shreveport is The Blind Tiger. 
Good Cajun food, and the beer is always cold!

 A southern favorite, fried dill pickles!!!  These were very good, and probably not totally vegan.  Oh well.  They were awesome with the cajun honey mustard.  One of the other nights I opted for the faux turkey veggie po' boy.  It was actually very good too. 

Keep on runnin!

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